Key stakeholders in energy efficiency financing in Slovenia

(E-zavod - Podravje Region)

In Slovenia the key stakeholders in energy efficiency financing are:

  • Municipalities

In the Podravje region there are 41 municipalities, in the whole of Slovenia there are 212 municipalities. According to the Local Government Act, the municipality performs the following tasks regarding EE:

    • planned spatial development, in accordance with the law, performs tasks in the field of environmental encroachments and construction of facilities and provides a public service, management of building land;
    • concerns for the protection of air, soil, water resources, noise protection, collection and disposal of waste as well as other environmental protection activities;
    • regulation and maintenance of water and energy communal facilities;

The legal responsibility can be partly transferred to private companies in the case of investments carried out with public private partnership. This is the case of municipalities’ energy efficiency investments in public buildings.

  • Ministry for infrastructure

The Ministry of Infrastructure manages, among others, tasks in the field of efficient use and renewable energy. Within the Ministry the Energy Directorate performs tasks relating to the efficient use of energy and to the provision of renewable sources of energy, energy supply, sources of energy and mining. Its key activities include:

    • preparation and implementation of national energy policy;
    • implementing measures to achieve energy and climate objectives also through measures for higher energy efficiency.
  • Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia - The Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia (AUMS; ZMOS – Združenje mestnih občin Slovenije) is the only representative association of municipalities in Slovenia that exclusively represents the interests of 11 urban municipalities. They cover more than a third of the population and act as regional urban centres, with a high concentration of economic, social, governmental and other public services.
  • Eco Fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund - Eco Fund is an independent legal entity of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Its main purpose is to promote development in the field of environmental protection. Eco Fund grants favorable loans and subsidies for various energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.
  • SID Bank (SID – Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d., Ljubljana) - it is a promotional development and export bank, 100% owned by the Republic of Slovenia. With their banking and insurance services they promote sustainable development and improve the competitiveness of the Slovene economy.