Key stakeholders in energy efficiency financing in Poland

(Mazovia Energy Agency - Mazovia)

List of relevant stakeholders and their roles in Poland:

  • Private and public property managers (LGUs), owners of the buildings with their infrastructure as well as of industry installations who see some benefits as well as necessities in implementing modernization of their property to lower energy consumption
  • Energy agencies
  • Professional energy auditors
  • Business Environment Institutions, financial institutions providing money for modernization of energy generation and consumption economy
  • Energy Saving Company (ESCO)
  • Fuel and energy suppliers
  • Local government units, which create energy efficiency policy as well as provide know-how supported by engineering and scientific institutions developing EE solutions in energy consumption (buildings and industry) and effective energy generation technology,
  • Legal advisors watch
  • Inhabitants

The role of stakeholders as seen in Poland is the definition of requirements as well as training arrangements and marketing to push it forward; creating visionary energy efficiency projects in their living and activity area of responsibility with support of proven engineering specialists to provide warranties for achieving project technical, financial and operational effectiveness targets as well as operational exploitation correctness by staff training; financial support for projects’ engineering and completion with expected targets achievement, legal correctness of projects’ execution.

Owners of buildings and local government units take legal responsibility; however, legal liability can be transferred to private companies in case of experienced PPP arrangements. Sometimes, ownership, maintenance and operation of EE projects are not always clearly defined, but the municipalities are able to clearly define the ownership, maintenance and operation of the EE projects, because they are managed by the relevant municipal companies. Stakeholders deal with responsibility for investment decisions due to advanced legal contracting as well as high-level project management, it requires advanced partners / legal and engineering specialists.