The Online Energy Platform

The BOOSTEE-CE/TARGET-CE web platform OnePlace is a collection of Energy Efficiency (EE) material (best practices, databases of experts and material, strategies and action plans, tools, educational material, financial road maps and 3D cities) to support public authorities, citizens and energy planners in proper energy management and energy savings in public building. OnePlace wants to provide a wide spectrum of EE solutions, collected within a unique repository/hub, to fully implement and exploit the potential for EE improvements in existing (public) buildings. OnePlace is based on transnational cooperation among various Central Europe partners and projects in order to ensures adherence of the activities and results to diverse conditions and territorial challenges. The realization of a unique access point for various EE solutions and information is supposed to decrease fragmentation, enlarge impact and demonstrate capitalization efforts.

About the web platform

The OnePlace platform was initially developed within the BOOSTEE-CE project (CE906 - and then capitalized within the TARGET-CE (CE1666 - project.
Both projects are supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

Project Partners in BOOSTEE-CE

Project Partners in TARGET-CE