Introduction and aims of the document

A transnational strategic document, based on the Comparative analysis of financial schema and Transnational methodological framework for a roadmap development, showing how to look for, find and adopt different financing solutions for EE improvement.

The Transnational strategy for EE financing in CE defines, structures and reviews the existing energy financing solutions and models that are or will be in the future the important enablers for EE and energy savings in public infrastructures. The strategy assesses the potential of different financial models and gives recommendations, also based on BOOSTEE-CE pilot action outcomes.

The strategy will help partners and other stakeholders from partner countries to:

  • Identify financing instruments (FI) that have never been used, assess its potential (based on legal framework, available capacities, market potential etc.) and propose measures for their implementation
  • Propose improvements in existing financial instruments and models to improve their usage
  • Assess opportunities and barriers to deploy financial instruments and models successfully used in other partner countries/regions and propose measures for their uptake