Key stakeholders in energy efficiency financing in Italy

(Emilia-Romagna Region)

List of Italian key stakeholders in the field of energy efficiency and their roles from the regional perspective:

Public entities



Emilia-Romagna Region

Regional policy - managing authority of EU funds

ANCI Emilia-Romagna - association of municipalities

Local policy - local owners of public buildings

ACER - Emilia-Romagna social housing

Management of residential real estate assets in public ownership

ART-ER - regional agency

Services to the public and private sectors in support of sustainable growth

AESS - regional agency

Energy services to the public and private sectors

ENEA - national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development

Research, management and control of the correct application of national technical regulations

ARPAE - regional agency for prevention, environment and energy of Emilia-Romagna

Supervision and control

in activities that impact on the environment


Private entities



Unifidi Emilia-Romagna

Financial services for businesses

ABI Italian banking association

Private finance

CNA - national confederation of crafts and small and medium enterprises

SME - energy consumers

Confindustria - association representing manufacturing and service companies

Industries - energy consumers

ANCE - national association of builders

Construction companies

Confservizi Emilia Romagna - regional association of companies and public and private entities

Public services providers

BuildLab - laboratory of innovation and finance for sustainable building

Support activities for investments in energy efficiency and sustainability in the construction sector

Clust-ER - association of research bodies and public and private companies

Support activities for investments in energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial sector

FederESCo - ESCo association

Energy service provider companies

AssoEGE - association of energy management expert

Energy managers and energy auditors

EPC facilitator

Manager of the development and implementation process of an EPC contract, introduced with the GuarantEE EU project

CMVP - certified measurement and verification professional

Design and implementation of energy performance measurement plans