The BOOSTEE-CE consortium carried out a comprehensive research and questioning in their respective organisations and among their stakeholders on various barriers to investment into energy efficiency. Four major area of barriers were identified, they are namely:

  • Finance and economy barriers

  • Policy barriers

  • Barriers in awareness and experience in financing energy efficiency

  • Barriers in implementation capacity and procedures

All aforementioned areas were analysed by the BOOSTEE-CE consortium and ways how to cope with them were suggested as indicated in the following subchapters. Each subchapter involves major barriers identified in relevant areas with some suggestions how to face them, resolve them or cope with them. The following list for each category is quite comprehensive, however, not all barriers are relevant to all countries, regions or municipalities. On the other hand, to go through the complete lists of barriers and recommendations helps to get a clearer idea of how complex the process of energy efficiency financing is.