National level

Each Member State supports energy efficiency on its national level from national budget as well co-finances various supporting programmes based on the ESIF funding. The Member States are responsible for managing programmes that are supported by the Cohesion Policy. A designated managing authority provides information on the programme, selects projects and monitors implementation. European Commission provides transparent overview of all managing authoritiesper type of the support as well as per country and period of interventions.10

Many countries offer also additional support including grants or low-interest rate loans that and are channelled through national environmental funds, national development banks or other intermediaries. Also regional governments often provide its support from their tailored programmes and schemes which sometimes even exceeds support from the EU funds.

Comprehensive list of contemporary existing financial support of energy efficiency available on national level in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland is available in the BOOSTEE-CE Transnational Energy Efficiency Financing Strategy, the other core output of the BOOSTEE-CE project dealing with energy efficiency financing.