National Funding in Italy

National Energy Efficiency Fund

The National Energy Efficiency Fund, managed by Invitalia, envisaged by Legislative Decree n. 102 of 4 July 2014 for the implementation of the EU directive on energy efficiency, is aimed at supporting the implementation of energy efficiency measures implemented by companies, ESCOs and public administrations on buildings, plants and production processes and integrates the dedicated incentive tools to achieve national energy efficiency targets. It is aimed at:

  • enterprises and ESCO in single form or in aggregate / associated form

  • public administrations in single form or in aggregate / associated form

What it finances:

  • reduction of consumption in industrial processes

  • district heating and district cooling networks and systems

  • efficiency improvement of public services and infrastructures

  • energy upgrading of buildings

Financial allocation: 310.000.000 €, of which:

  • 70% for subsidized loans (20% of which reserved for public administrations)

  • 30% for guarantees (30% of which reserved for district heating networks)

Form of benefits:

  • companies and ESCO:

  • guarantee on financing transactions up to 80% of the eligible costs. Guaranteed amount € 150.000 - € 2.500.000. Maximum duration 15 years

  • fixed rate mortgage 0.25%, max 70% eligible costs, for amounts between € 250,000 and € 4.000.000. Maximum duration 10 years

  • public administrations:

  • fixed rate mortgage 0.25%, max 60% eligible costs and up to 80% for public infrastructure including public lighting for amounts between € 150.000 and € 2.000.000. Maximum duration 15 years.

Companies must guarantee the financial coverage of the investment (at least 15% with own means) and aggregate or associated companies can request the facilities in the same way: only guarantee, only financing or guarantee and financing.

Advisory costs are allowed up to 10% of the total eligible costs.

Public administrations must guarantee the financial coverage of the investment not covered by the facilities