National Funding in Croatia

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

Within the Priority axis 4, the main priorities of financing will be aimed at promoting the measures for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the sectors with the highest share in energy consumption, meaning in the: industry, transport, service activities, agriculture, and households.


  • Increasing energy efficiency and use of RES in manufacturing industries

  • Increasing energy efficiency and use of RES in the private service sector (tourism, trade)

  • Reducing energy consumption in the public sector buildings

  • Reducing energy consumption in residential buildings (multi-apartment buildings and family houses)

  • Increasing the efficiency of the district heating system

  • Increasing energy efficiency of public lighting

  • Smart Grids pilot-project – distribution system which operates at low and medium voltages

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The financial instrument “ESIF Energy Efficiency Loans for Entrepreneurs” is the third financial instrument within the framework of the Specific objective 4 “Supporting the transition to the economy with low CO2 emission levels in all sectors”, beside the financial instruments “ESIF Loans for Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings” and “ESIF Loans for Public Lighting” also placed by Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and are intended for public sector borrowers. Pursuant to the Agreement, EUR 68 million, i.e. HRK 511 million, are available to micro, small, medium and large private entrepreneurs with registered activities in the manufacturing industry and service sectors (tourism and trade).