Energy efficiency financing project calculator

This is the simple web based energy efficiency project calculator which gives to the user a basic indicative idea of profitability and advisability of the investment into an energy efficiency or RES project. It counts just with own sources, not considering for instance grants and subsidies on one side or loans on the other side which both can significantly change foreseen values.

If grants and subsidies are involved, the NPV and IRR are increasing and payback periods are shortening, on the other hand, loans affect the investment the opposite way, i.e. when you are co-financing the investment project with a loan, the NPV and IRR are decreasing and payback periods are extending.

You can check also graphical illustration of cash flow and discounted cash flow on a separate sheet.

For concrete investment calculations it is highly advisable to carry out a proper financial analysis by a financial specialist!

You can find instruction on how to use the calculator here.