Partners have collected the best practice examples from their countries on various financial investments return models through which market-enabling actions for large investments are highlighted. These best practices are presented and analysed on separate factsheets belonging to this document:

Best Practice Factsheet #1 - Zlín Region, Czech Republic

  • Waste incinerator upgrade in Uherské Hradiště hospital – case study of EE project with various scenarios with/without subsidy

Best Practice Factsheet #2 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

  • Energy Fund - Multyscope Regional Fund of public financing

Best Practice Factsheet #3 Tolna County, Hungary

  • Geothermal energy utilization and public utility installation at Tamási – effective usage of own sources combined with the support from Operational Programmes

Best Practice Factsheet #4 – Loški Potok, Slovenia

  • Wood Cooperative Loški potok: District heating with wood biomass in Hrib center – effective utilization of support from existing national fund combined with commercial loan

Best Practice Factsheet #5 - Koprivnica, Croatia

  • Reconstruction of boiler room plant in General County Hospital “Dr. Tomislav Bardek” Koprivnica – investment return model without any external support

Best Practice Factsheet #6 - Płock , Poland

  • Reconstruction and extension of the tenement building – project funded with the support of commercial loan

Best Practice Factsheet #7 - Płońsk, Poland

  • Modernization of the Heating System of Płońsk, combined generation of electricity and heat from biomass – large investment with prevailing commercial loan as a source of financing

Best Practice Factsheet #8 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

  • KAWKA - liquidation of the local heat source fired with solid fuel - the city of Jelenia Góra – regional financing scheme including the support for individuals

Best Practice Factsheet #9 - Judenburg, Austria

  • District heating grid based on waste heat from pulp&paper mill Zellstoff Pöls AG – ESCO type of EE financing project in public sector

Best Practice Factsheet #10 - Judenburg, Austria

  • PV Installation as PPP model – a functional public – private partnership based on mutual cooperation and cost sharing