• D.T2.1.2 Smart metering Sesto senso ITALY (170 KB)


  • 'Sesto Senso': patented smart multisensory metering system with self-learning capability

    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    Intelligent multisensory system with totally open and scalable learning capacity both in the hierarchical levels and in the potential of the single element. In addition to monitoring energy carriers, the system includes: a sensory device able to count access to a room and therefore manage attendance so as to be able to administer the users: a virtual CO2 sensor that exploits the measured temperature values, humidity, number of hours / presence and opening / closing of doors and windows, dates back to the CO2 value after a set-up phase of the parameters of the neural network of which the sensors are part.

    This architecture and cooperative logic also allows other repercussions such as that of self-validation of the acquired signals: in this case case is solved with the technique of redundancy and with the implementation of a routine that works with neural networks and fuzzy logic.

    Type of a building where a smart metering (SM) system is installed: Residential

    Responsible person for monitoring consumption: Romanello Francesco - Pieroni Francesco - Romano Sabrina - Vaccari Erica

    Name of a company which installed the SM system: ENEA - Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76 - 00196 ROMA 

    Energy efficiency measures implemented in the building

    Controlling energy consumption and IAQ parameters

    Implementation year: 2017

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