Introduction & Internal and External Conditions

In this part the public body should outline the basic ambition of the EE financial roadmap, financial roadmap timeframe, what are the starting points and the legislative framework and what are related policies and strategies the financial roadmap is linked to, for example:

  • Regional RIS
  • Existing regional energy strategies and national energy strategies
  • Regional development strategies
  • Legislative demands related to energy safety and reliability of energy supply
  • EU directives related to energy efficiency, buildings energy performance, RES, common energy markets etc.

Although a comprehensive SWOT analysis should be rather the part of a regional energy strategy than of the EE financial roadmap, some crucial findings on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, barriers and ways to overcome should be included even in the financial roadmap.

These might be structured according to various points of view, for example

  • Technical and economical availability of primary energy sources
  • Structure and efficiency of energy usage
  • Level of local/regional energy management
  • Maturity of EE financial market and availability of different sources of financing
  • Economical features of the municipality/region, demography

More on this issue can be found in the SWOT analysis as the part of the BOOSTEE-CE Comparative analysis published on the BOOSTEE-CE OnePlace Platform.